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Payrexx enables you to handle worldwide customer payments safely and easily. No website or coding skills required. Immediately accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and further 200+ payment methods.

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Payrexx Direct / Payrexx Swiss Collecting

Our in-house payment providers - Payrexx Direct and Payrexx Swiss Collecting will enable you to accept and process online payments the simplest way.
You can find more information about payment providers from Payrexx here:

External Payment Providers

No problem!
You can activate multiple external payment providers easily in your account.
A few possible external payment providers
Your selection of payment providers may differ according to the location of your business. For more information, follow the links below.
Please note that there are additional charges for using a third-party service based on the Payrexx subscription you complete. You can upgrade your plan at any time in your account by clicking the yellow button in the header.

Integration of Payrexx

The integration of Payrexx into your website can be done in several ways. More about this can be found in our documentation for developers:

Payrexx Tools

Payrexx is not only a payment provider, but also offers various e-commerce tools.
More information about all Payrexx tools can be found in the following article:
Payrexx Tools are not available for customers with a CHECKOUT-Plan.

E-Commerce Integration

Integrate Payrexx as a plugin into your online shop. Payrexx is compatible with all popular shop solutions and CMS.
Integration selection
Check the following link for further information about E-commerce systems and corresponding instructions:

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