You have decided to use Payrexx' platform as a platform customer. You are able to use the Payrexx Platform fully customized regarding your use case. Payrexx' Platform Solution primarly refers to Marketplaces, Platforms, Agencies, Associations and Financial Institutions.

This documentation is your first point of contact for questions about the possibilities of Payrexx and its platform solution. The merchant documentation page is divided into two parts:

  1. Platform Configuration

  2. Backoffice

Use Cases

Marketplaces and Platforms

  • Split payments feature: Incoming payments are split up into a fee for the marketplace and merchant payouts (PCI DSS Level 1, payouts in CHF and EUR, flexible payout terms)

  • Connection of your marketplace and automatization of processes

  • Choose the onboarding method that fits best to your marketplace (automated onboarding, manual onboarding, onboarding through traditional signup process)


  • The E-Commerce-Tools available in Payrexx' Payment Platform simplify access to online commerce (Pages, Paylink, Terminal, QR Pay, Invoice, Donation)

  • Make your merchants receviving payments through leading technology solutions (several card and payment providers, payments by wallets, alternative payments methods like TWINT, Sofort, Manual etc., digital currency providers such as Coinbase and Utrust)


  • Pre-Configurations: Defining the frame in which your merchants can operate and collect online payments (setting structure and features available to your merchants, pre-defining payment providers, defining templates)

  • Fees: Adjusting the rates fitting on the business services or activities your merchants offer

Acquiring Banks, Financial Institutions and Providers

  • Provide your own payment method

  • Collect, hold and pay money to your customers while Payrexx supports you with its software

  • Payrexx adds your payment gateway with the belonging payment methods to the software

  • You are able to provide your customers all the e-commerce-tools customized in your name

  • Payrexx adjusts its software to your needs and let it seamlessly merge with your existing systems.

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