Available for Wordpress 4.4 - 6.x & WooCommerce 3.8.1 - 6.6.x



  • ✅ Multicurrency support
  • ✅ Payment method icons in checkout
  • ✅ Cart Transmission
  • ✅ Webhook Status Synchronization
  • ✅ Look & Feel Configuration
  • ❌ Individual payment method configuration
  • ✅ Subscription support


Configuration - Payrexx

Navigate to «API & Integration» in your Payrexx administration. You can now add WooCommerce. To do this, select «WooCommerce» under «Add E-commerce Integration».
Now configure the plugin. Enter the address of your shop under «Enter shop address». Here you will also find the API key.

Download WooCommerce Plugin

Download the WooCommerce plugin. Navigate to plugins in your WordPress/ WooCommerce back office and choose Install:
Look for the «Payrexx» plugin and click install now:
Activate the installed plugin:

Configuration - WooCommerce

Under «Woocommerce > Settings > Payments > Payrexx» you get to the configuration.

Mandatory configuration

The following information is required, without it, the Plugin won't work.
  • The title that should be displayed during checkout.
  • Instance Name: You need to enter the name that you write before «».
  • Do not forget to check «Enable Payrexx» to activate Payrexx.
  • The API security key - you will find it in your Payrexx account (see Configuration - Payrexx further below).

Subscriptions with WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Payrexx plugin is able to process subscriptions in combination with the WooCommerce Subscription plugin.


Once WooCommerce Subscription is installed, additional configuration options will appear in the settings of the WooCommerce Payrexx plugin.

Enable/Disable Subscriptions

This setting controls whether Payrexx should be used to process subscription payments.

Payment Method Change Title

This is the title that is used when the payment method of an existing subscription is changed. Since in this case, only the payment methods for recurring charges are available, this may differ from the default title.

Description checkbox

Here you can enter a text to inform your customers about the recurring charges. This text will be displayed at the checkout of your store when a subscription is in the shopping cart.
These logos appear in the case of a subscription with recurring charges.

Manual debits

WooCommerce Payrexx plugin supports automatic as well as manual subscriptions.
For automated subscriptions, the payment is automated. Not all payment methods are available for automatic charges.
In manual subscriptions, an email with a payment link is sent to the buyers on the day of the debit. The choice of payment means is not limited to the payment of manual subscriptions.
If you don't want to process manual subscriptions, you can disable it in the Subscription Plugin settings under WooCommerce > Settings > Subscriptions.