Available for Prestashop 1.7.x. - 8.0.1
The open-source software Prestashop allows everybody an easy entry into e-commerce and the international growth associated with it. Whether credit- and debit cards, e-wallets and web-banking payments; with this extension provided by Payrexx, you can accept all common payment methods in your Prestashop webshop to enable a fast and secure checkout process for your customers. Prestashop brings you several strategical advantages such as independence, flexibility, innovation and high internationality.



  • ✅ Multicurrency support
  • ✅ Payment method icons in checkout
  • ✅ Cart Transmission
  • ✅ Webhook Status Synchronization
  • ❌ Look & Feel Configuration
  • ❌ Individual payment method configuration
  • ❌ Subscription support



Please follow these steps to have the correct file for uploading later:
  • Download the project from GitHub.
  • Unzip/extract the downloaded file and open the directory. Make sure you are on the correct level. You should see the directory "payrexx" and the file ".gitignore.".
  • Zip/compress the directory "payrexx".
Log in to your Prestashop account and navigate to "Modules > Modules and Services":
Select "Upload module" there. Upload the downloaded Payrexx plugin (created .zip file).

Configuration - Prestashop

Configure the module by navigating to "Modules > Modules and Services > Installed modules". The Payrexx Gateway should now be displayed there. Choose "Settings".
Enter the following data:
- The title that should be displayed at the checkout.
- Your API Secret (You can find it in the Payrexx account, see step 4).
- The Instance Name. It is the name you chose when you registered with Payrexx. You can also recognize this from the URL of your Payrexx shop ( Note: Write only the instance name in the field, not the entire URL.


Change the Smarty settings under "Advanced Settings > Performance" from "Never recompile template files" to "Recompile templates after file changes".

Configuration - Payrexx

Navigate to "API & Integration" in your Payrexx administration.
Here you can add Prestashop. To do this, select "Prestashop" under "Add E-Commerce Integration".
Now just configure the plugin. Enter the address of your shop under "Enter shop address". Here you will also find the API key that you have to enter in Prestashop.


This is how the checkout process works in your Prestashop webshop if you have installed the Payrexx plugin:
1) Your customer selects the desired product(s) and adds them to their shopping cart:

2) The customer checks the shopping cart and proceeds to checkout:
3) The customer enters his personal data and chooses the shipping method:
4) Finally, he arrives at the payment method section. There he then chooses to pay by credit card.
5) The customer is forwarded to the Payrexx checkout. There he can pay with the desired payment method:
Test the purchase with Payrexx here: