Payrexx is a new and very popular payment platform from Switzerland with which you can accept all common payment methods such as Twint, PostFinance Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Paypal, WirPay and others. Read this article to learn how to activate Payrexx in your MyCOMMERCE Online Shop.
Note: To accept credit card transactions, you need a Payrexx account with at least one active payment method (recommended Payrexx Swiss Collecting), and a MyCommerce Starter, Standard or Professional account.



  • ✅ Multicurrency support
  • ❌ Payment method icons in checkout
  • ❌ Cart Transmission
  • ✅ Webhook Status Synchronization
  • ❌ Look & Feel Configuration
  • ❌ Individual payment method configuration
  • ❌ Subscription support


Configuration - Payrexx

Add MyCommerce Integration to Payrexx

  • Log in to the Payrexx administration.
  • Under the menu item "API & Integrations" the integration "MyCommerce" is added:
    List of integration

Copy Configuration Data (API Key and Account Name)

  • When choosing the MyCommerce integration, a modal window with the plugin configuration opens in the Payrexx administration.
  • Take the API key and the instance name (or account name) and copy this data into the configuration of MyCommerce (this is described in step 3).
  • Activate the setting with the green button "Activate".
Configuration page
Success message

Configuration - MyCommerce

  • Log in to your MyCommerce account.
  • In the main menu "Payments" select Payrexx as a payment option.
  • In the Payrexx account details window, enter the account name and the API key from the configuration page and save the settings.
view of the MyCommerce settings

MyCommerce Display Name at Checkout and Activation of the Payment Service Provider

  • Choose a suitable name for the display in the checkout of your shop.
  • For example: credit cards, Twint, Apple Pay, Google Pay by Payrexx
  • Show at checkout must be enabled.
display name input
The settings are now complete and Payrexx is activated as a payment provider in your MyCommerce Shop.
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