• ✅ Multicurrency support
  • ❌ Payment method icons in checkout
  • ❌ Cart Transmission
  • ✅ Webhook Status Synchronization
  • ❌ Look & Feel Configuration
  • ❌ Individual payment method configuration
  • ❌ Subscription support


Configuration - Payrexx

Add Ecwid Integration

Navigate to "API & Integrations" in your Payrexx administration and add a new Ecwid integration:

Copy API Data

After adding the Ecwid integration, a modal window will show up with API data which will be used later on:


The Payrexx Ecwid payment plugin is installed by link:

Configuration - Ecwid

In the installation process, you can configure the app right away. It is also possible to access the app configurations in your Ecwid administration under Payment > Payrexx.
Enter the Payrexx account name and the API key:

Checkout Name

Make sure to choose a suitable name which will be displayed in the checkout of your shop. Example: Credit card, Twint, Apple Pay, Google Pay by Payrexx.
After you enable the payment method, your integration is finished, and you can test your integration.
The settings are now complete and Payrexx is activated as a payment provider in your Ecwid Shop.
Last modified 3mo ago