Shopware 6
Available for - 6.4.x




1) If you have not already got a Payrexx Account, you can register here:
2) Open up the plugin settings under "Settings > System > Plugins".
3) Search for the Payrexx plugin in the Shopware store and download it.
4) Upload (1) the Plugin in your Shopware administration, after that install (2) and activate (3) it:

Configuration - Shopware

Connect Payrexx

Fill in the Configurations under "Settings > Plugins > Payrexx Payments"
In the config you need to type in the following: - instancename (this is the name you choose in the registration process of Payrexx. You can get that name from the URL of your MINI-Shop too ( - API Key (you can find this in your Payrexx Account under "Settings > API > API Secret".

Payment Methods

Choose the Payment Methods you want to appear in your Shopware Shop. In "Settings > Payment methods" you are able to activate payment methods, set icons and change the text.
Assign payment methods to sales channels. In the Settings of every sales channel you can now assign the activated payment methods:
Conduct a test purchase with Payrexx on our Demo Shop:

Further Information

More about the Shopware extension from Payrexx: Learn everything about the payment methods, features and benefits included in the Payrexx plugin in this article:
Note: If you would like to use our Shopware plugin with different payment methods, feel free to contact us so we can adjust the installation routine for you.
If you would like to use Apple Pay, you need to validate your Shop-URL in the stripe dashboard under "Payments > Apple Pay". This step is easily described by Stripe in their dashboard:
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