You have decided to use Payrexx as a merchant or want to find out whether our software meets your requirements. This documentation is your first point of contact for questions about the possibilities of Payrexx.
The merchant documentation page is divided into three chapters, Payments, Payrexx Account & Administration and Integration & Development.


This chapter answers your questions about the various payment providers such as Payrexx Direct or the numerous external payment providers. We also go into payment functionalities such as refunds, tokenizations, preauthorizations or subscriptions.

Payrexx Account & Dashboard

Here we try to help you find your way around your merchant backend and its settings. In addition, we introduce you to the Payrexx tools and their possibilities.

Integration & Development

Payrexx can also be integrated into your e-commerce system, your CMS or your business software. We explain here which options we offer and how you can reach your goal.
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