Why Was the Transaction Declined?

There are several reasons for a rejected transaction. The most common are:
  1. 1.
    The transaction was not confirmed by 3D Secure.
  2. 2.
    Not enough money on the card.
  3. 3.
    The payment was refused by the buyer's bank.
  4. 4.
    The transaction was considered a risk/attempted fraud.
  5. 5.
    Unknown reasons.
If multiple payments have been rejected by different buyers, please check the status of your payment provider. Especially look if payments are active.

How Long Can an Amount Be Reserved?

Payrexx offers the possibility to reserve amounts for e.g. credit card payments. The banks usually guarantee a debit within 7 days. The debit can also work later, but it is no longer guaranteed by the bank.
Payrexx has no possibility to extend the duration of reservations.

What Is 3-D Secure?

3D secure is a procedure to increase the security of credit card transactions. The goals are to reduce credit card fraud and protect all parties involved.
How it works
After the buyer enters his credit card number, a connection is established with the card issuer so that the buyer can confirm his identity with a code (two-factor authentication). After correct authentication, the credit card payment is being executed.

Why Can I Not Use the Subscription Function?

To accept subscription payments you have to fulfil two conditions.

Does Payrexx support MOTO Payments?

Yes, this is possible. As a merchant, you need to use Stripe as a Connector to make it work. Once you successfully added Stripe, you can contact us. We then will manually set up MOTO Payments for you.

Can I Make Payments With Virtual Credit Cards?

Yes, you can accept payments in person. Read more about it in our Virtual Credit Card section.

What Are the Fees of Twint?

The fees of Twint are 1.3% per transaction (as of 15.06.2021). Depending on the Payrexx subscription, additional fees may be added.

Can I physically accept credit/debit card payments?

Yes, payments can be accepted in person. You can either hand your device to the customer so they can enter their credit card details, or send your customer a link to the Payrexx sales page and ask them to use their device to process the payment. Once accepted, your customers can send payments using a mobile device, laptop or desktop.

Why Are the Payment Methods Not Displayed?

If some payment methods are not displayed, check the following things:
  1. 1.
    Did you set the payment provider to "visible" in the tools (Donation, Pages, Terminal etc.) you use?
  2. 2.
    Did you activate the logos of the corresponding payment methods in your plugin?

Why Is PayPal Not Displayed?

Due to PayPal's own regulations, this payment method may not be displayed within an iFrame or modal window.
We can not influence possible changes.

How Can I Change to Live Mode?

Go to "Payment provider" and choose the payment provider in question. Click on configure and set the mode to "live".

Why Are There Additional Transaction Costs for Third-Party Payment Providers?

For third-party payment providers such as Twint, PayPal or PostFinance, Payrexx charges additional transaction costs depending on the chosen subscription. Payrexx acts as the technical interface and provides the tools for payment processing.
The additional costs vary between 0% (Pro) and 0.6% (Checkout).

Are Financial Transactions Subject to The VAT?

Financial transactions are not subject to the VAT across Europe.
Federal Law on Value Added Tax (Value Added Tax Act, MWSTG) - See Appendix at the bottom of the page
On page 13, article 21, paragraph 19 C: the following transactions in the field of money and capital movements: The following are exempt from VAT: c. sales, including brokerage, in deposit and current account transactions, in payment and transfer transactions, in business with monetary claims, checks and other commercial documents; However, the collection of receivables on behalf of the creditor (collection business) is taxable.

Why Did I Not Receive a Payout?

Please check the following to find the issue:
  • Check if you've been verified by Payrexx. You can check this under Payment Provider > Payrexx Direct.
  • Check if you have any open disputes. We stop payouts when disputes are open.
  • Check the payout details under "Payouts". Please be aware that there is a payout delay of 8 days. So payments made at the end of the month will not get paid out at the end of the month. Read more about schedules by clicking the link below.

When will I Receive my Payouts?

Payrexx Direct and Payrexx Swiss Collecting

Regarding your payout schedules, you will receive your payout daily, weekly or monthly. Be aware that transactions need to stay for 8 full days on your merchant account before they will transmitted in the next settlement.

Connectors / Adapter / External Payment Providers

Payrexx can't influence the payout schedules of other payment providers. You will need to look for informations on the payment provider's website and account yourself.

Why Did My Payout Fail?

The reasons for a failed payout must be clarified individually. Check the correctness of your payout settings. You can do this in your account by clicking on "Payouts".
Some banks only accept certain currencies. Please check with your bank if it's possible to receive payouts in CHF or EUR.
If everything seems alright and you still can't receive payouts, please contact us by writing sending a ticket here.

Does Payrexx Direct Require Additional Accounts Such As Stripe or PayPal?

No, that is not necessary. If you use Payrexx Direct you only need to have a Payrexx Account. Anyway, the Payouts to your bank account will be done by Stripe, but it is not necessary to have a Stripe Account.