Tokenization means storing the credit card for future payments.
The credit card data is stored as a token for the customer and for the merchant, thus simplifying/ speeding up the payment process.


Merchants can execute a debit (from the Payrexx backend) using the token.
Shoppers can store their credit card on the store page to be saved for the next purchase.
With tokenization, it can never be guaranteed that the amount can be debited.
Expiration date and card number are checked, but no credit limit is requested.
The advantage of tokenization is that the card can be stored for an unlimited period of time.

Increased security through tokenization

Tokenized payments are payments where the PAN (Primary Account Number, i.e. the payment card number) is replaced by a token during the execution of a transaction. In tokenized payments, the PAN is not transmitted during the transaction, which increases the security of the payment.


Via API or Gateway

In our Developers-Docs you can find the instructions for implementing tokenization as a payment method via API or gateway:

Via Payrexx Tools

In order to activate tokenization as a payment type select "Pages > Overview" and then select "Payment information" and click on the "Tokenization" button under "Payment settings".

Subscription payments with tokenization

For subscription payments via tokenization, it is necessary to charge the stored credit cards (tokens) manually according to the desired subscription duration.
For more information on using tokenization for recurring payments, see the following article: