Check our feature matrix to find out which payment providers support tokenization.


Tokenization means the storage of the credit card and is usually the first step of the payment process. This is a request to determine whether the amount to be paid can be made using the credit card presented. The card issuer has the option to approve or reject this authorization request.
In the case of tokenization, there is never a guarantee that the amount can be debited. The expiration date and card number are checked, but no credit limits are requested. Accordingly, there is no guarantee that the card can actually be debited. The advantage of tokenization is that the card can be stored for an unlimited period of time.
In order to activate tokenization as a payment type select "Pages > Overview" and then select "Payment information" and click on the "Tokenization" button under "Payment settings".
You can find a more detailed article about tokenization in our developer documentation.
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