Subscription by payment provider


The requirement for Payrexx managed subscriptions is a payment provider that supports this functionality.
Check our function matrix to find out which payment providers support recurring payments (subscription).
After setting up a subscription-enabled payment provider, you can offer subscriptions with our tools, through the Payrexx API, or with your integration.

Payment Provider

In this tutorial, we will work with the example of Stripe. Other payment providers are also possible!
  • In your Payrexx backend, click "Settings > Payment providers > Add new payment providers > Stripe setup".
Install Stripe as your payment provider using the instructions below.


After installing a subscription-enabled payment provider (for example, Stripe), you can integrate the feature as you see fit.

Payrexx Tools

Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to implement Payrexx managed subscriptions in the respective tools.


The following store systems support recurring payments (after installation).

With the Gateway

Our Developers' documentation describes how to set up subscription payments using Gateway:

Manage subscriptions

Subscriptions can be managed under ''Payments > Subscriptions.''
In the article about this view, you can find detailed information about subscription management: