Virtual Credit Cards

Payrexx offers the technical possibility to charge virtual credit cards (VCC) from e.g., Expedia or Agoda via the virtual terminal. In order to be able to use this function, you must observe the following aspects:

1. Set up Payrexx Direct as the payment provider. If Payrexx Direct is not available in your country, you can also use Stripe as payment provider.

To do this, go to "Payment providers" in your administration interface and select "Payrexx Direct" or "Stripe". There are different payment providers depending on the country.
To enable charging of these virtual cards with Payrexx Direct, you will need to select "Hospitality/Hotels and Motels" under "What industry is your business in?" when setting up Payrexx Direct. For Stripe, you will need to contact their support ( and ask them to add the MCC code 7011 to your account.

2. Set up your "terminal".

To do this, click on "Terminal" in your backend, click on "Custom" for "Payment information", select "Payrexx Direct" or "Stripe" and save the changed settings.

3. Perform booking via the terminal.

To do this, click on "Open terminal" and enter the data of your virtual credit card from, Expedia or Agoda in the terminal.