Payment Method Purchase on Invoice

Send automatic invoices with Swiss QR code
With the payment method
Purchase on Invoice within the payment provider Payrexx Swiss Collecting, you can send automatic invoices with Swiss-QR-Code. The status of the payment is automatically adjusted in the backend of Payrexx.


If Purchase on Invoice is selected as a payment method, Payrexx will send an invoice to the customer's email address. The invoice contains Payrexx's bank information and a reference ID from your Payrexx instance. On the generated invoice, not your bank details, but those of Payrexx will be visible. This is because the amount is first sent to your Payrexx account and then paid out to your bank account.
Incoming payments will be compared with your Payrexx transaction overview in the morning. As soon as a payment is confirmed, the transaction status will change from "Open" to "Confirmed". Afterward, the amount will be transferred to you with the next payout.


Automatic status adjustment of the payment (visible in the Payrexx backend)
Automatic creation of an invoice and sending by mail
Invoice payable with Swiss-QR-Code
Credit check not included
Refunds not possible directly via Payrexx account
Receipt of funds only after receipt of payment
No collection procedure (reminders can be set)


Make sure you log in to Payrexx before you start - Login.
After application, Purchase on Invoice is available within a few business days. You will be informed about the activation by mail.
  • After activation, select the Purchase on Invoice icon and click Customize Settings to open the settings.
  • When you click on "Change settings", a new window will open where you can make your settings for the created invoices:
These settings will be applied to all invoices.
  • Save your settings as well as your selection of payment methods within Payrexx Swiss Collecting.
Purchase on Invoice payment method was added successfully.


  1. 1.
    The customer selects the payment method, by clicking on the icon
    (image 1)
  2. 2.
    The customer enters contact details and email address (image 2)
  3. 3.
    After completion, a message with further information appears (image 3)
  4. 4.
    The customer receives the invoice by mail, payable with Swiss-QR-Code (picture 4)