Merchant Account Creation (KYC Identity Verification)

What Information Do I Need to Provide to Get a Merchant Account?

You can create a new account when following this link. In order to get a merchant account with us, we require the following information from you.

Why we need these informations

According to anti-money laundering regulations, we are obliged to know the company we are doing business with.

Company information

We require the following company information from you:
  • Company name
  • Company phone number and e-mail
  • Type of business
  • Country your company is based in
  • Registration number

Personal Details

We require the following information from the business owner himself, a shareholder, a member of the board of directors or someone with significant management responsibility.
  • Name
  • Address
  • Address legitimation
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number and e-mail address
  • Identity legitimation (a photo/scan of your driver’s license, passport or ID). We only accept valid documents in jpg or png format.
  • Social security number
Additional owners, managers and directors
EN: Aufgrund von Verordnungen sind wir dazu verpflichtet, Informationen zu Einzelpersonen des Unternehmens zu erfassen. Bitte listen Sie alle Personen auf, welche entweder Inhaber, Leiter oder Direktoren sind. Geschäftsinhaber sind Personen mit Anteil am Geschäft von 25% oder mehr. Leiter sind Personen, die eine bedeutende Kontrollfunktion über Geschäftsfinanzen und Operationen ausüben (CEO, CFO, COO, o.ä.). Direktoren sind Mitglieder des Verwaltungsrats oder sind anderweitig verantwortlich, dass das Geschäft regulatorischen Verpflichtungen nachkommt.

Product Specifications

We need information about what you sell and what services you offer.
  • Description of what you will sell in your shop.
  • Estimated sales revenue
  • Company name
  • Recurring transactions: Let us know if you need products/services in exchange for monthly, quarterly, yearly etc. payments.
  • Link to your website (if available)
Important: For security reasons, we cannot accept high-risk Businesses. A list of unsupported business models can be found under the following links.

Bank Account Details

Specify the following information about your bank account:
  • Account currency
  • Bank country
  • Swift code (BIC)
  • IBAN number

Why we need your banking details

With Payrexx, you can accept money from your customers in all currencies, for which we need your bank account details.