Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Utrust Token and other cryptocurrencies directly on your store with the Utrust payment gateway. Utrust is cryptocurrency agnostic and provides fiat currency settlements. Utrust can be enabled in any Payrexx online store to start accepting cryptocurrency payments.


Payment Types

  • ✅ One Time Payment
  • ❌ Refund
  • ❌ Partial Refund
  • ❌ Recurring Payments (Subscription)
  • ❌ Preauthorization
  • ❌ Tokenization

Country availability

To find out if the desired payment provider is available in your country, please follow the link below:


Make sure you log in to Payrexx before you start - Login


  • Utrust merchant account
  • Online store in Payrexx
  • Make sure you are selling products or services and not subscriptions

Configuration - Utrust

On the Utrust Side

  1. 2.
    Log in, or sign up if you have not yet.
  2. 3.
    On the left sidebar choose "Integrations".
  3. 4.
    Select "Custom" and click the button "Generate Credentials".
  4. 5.
    You will now see your API Key and Webhook Secret, save them somewhere safe temporarily.
⚠ You will only be able to see the Webhook Secret once! After refreshing or changing pages you will no longer be able to copy it. However, you can always regenerate your credentials as needed.
⚠ Do not share your credentials with anyone. They can use it to place orders on your behalf.

Configuration - Payrexx

  1. 1.
    Go to your Payrexx admin dashboard.
  2. 2.
    Go to "Payment providers > Add new payment providers > Wallets & alternative payment methods > Show".
  3. 3.
    Find Utrust and click on "Setup".
  4. 4.
    Change the settings according to this information.
    • Mode: Productive
    • Currencies: You can enable all of them
    • Productive account settings - API Key: API key from Utrust
    • Productive account settings - Webhook secret: Webhook secret from Utrust
  1. 1.
    Finally, click "Save".
All good! The Utrust Payment method should be appearing on your store!

Testing Mode

If you want to test first, Utrust has a sandbox server identical to the production server to use at your own will using fake money. To use it, you need to register for an account at Go to the Integrations page and generate new credentials. In your Payrexx account, change the mode to "Test" and add the new API Key and Webhook secret.


If you are experiencing specific problems with your account, please contact Payrexx or [email protected].