Pay conveniently and securely with TWINT, Switzerland's digital cash. Send and request money. Pay cashless. Simply cash in. As secure as e-banking. Low transaction prices.


Users of Payrexx Swiss Collecting can activate TWINT directly in their account under payment providers.
TWINT can alternatively also be configured as an external payment provider in Payrexx. You can learn more about this process at the end of this article.


Payment Types

  • ✅ One Time Payment
  • ✅ Refund
  • ✅ Partial Refund
  • ❌ Recurring Payments (Subscription)
  • ✅ Preauthorization
  • ✅ Tokenization

Country availability

To find out if the desired payment provider is available in your country, please follow the link below:


Make sure you log in to Payrexx before you start - Login

Configuration - TWINT

1. Set up TWINT business login

Register under: Create TWINT Account
You will then be redirected to the start page.

2. Make settings with TWINT

Now first navigate to "Stores". Then click on "Add online store". Then fill out the form and click on continue.

3. Choose Payrexx

At step 2, select "PSP (Payment Service Provider)" and choose Payrexx. Enter your account details below and click on "Next". Check your details and then click on Save.

4. UUID-Nummer

Your online store is now added. Copy your UUID number.

5. Add TWINT to Payrexx

Now log in to your Payrexx account: Go to "Payment providers" and click on "Setup" for TWINT in "External payment providers > Wallets & alternative payment methods". Enter your UUID there.


To make test payments via TWINT, it is necessary to download the TWINT Configurator app. You can find the app in your Apple or Android store.
Open the app and select the "PAT2 environment under "Environment". To top up your trial account, you will need voucher codes, which are available upon request.
Here you can find more precise instructions from TWINT itself: