PostFinance PSP

Available Payment Methods

  • Postfinance Card
  • Postfinance E-Finance

Payment Types

  • ✅ One Time Payment
  • ✅ Refund
  • ❌ Partialrefund
  • ❌ Recurring Payments (Subscription)
  • ❌ Tokenization
  • ❌ Preauthorization


PostFinance PSP is no longer available for new customers.
In the basic PostFinance package (E-Commerce Basic) you get PostFinance card as well as Postfinance e-finance. The compact Postfinance package (Startup) provides you with a useful mix of payment methods. In addition to the Postfinance payment methods you can also provide your customers with the common payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express. With the comprehensive package called "Professional" you can offer your customers further worldwide known payment methods such as Paypal, JCB and Diners Club.
  • Apply for a PostFinance e-Payment account. You can request a contract offer in your Payrexx backend at "Settings > Payment providers > PostFinance PSP".
  • Please make sure to activate the following option at PostFinance:
    • TPD ¦ Dynamic Template
  • PostFinance will send to you an e-mail with your access data. Enter this data into the input boxes using the test mode in your Payrexx back end. Also, select the corresponding e-payment package and the currencies which should be activated. Click "Save".
  • Log in to your PostFinance admin page. PostFinance admin login
  • Follow the instructions below. - "Configuration of the PostFinance Account"
  • Activate the payment method PostFinance.
  • Test your payment process using the frontend.
  • Contact PostFinance to switch your account from test to live mode. To do so, send them an E-Mail with your PSPID.
  • After receiving the confirmation of activation, switch to the "productive" mode and check your access data in the fields below. (Those might be identical to those in the test mode) Click on "Save".
  • The Payrexx Integration is ready for use.
Here you can find further informations about the Payment-Service-Provider PostFinance Swiss:

Configuration of the PostFinance Account

Follow the simple instructions down below to do the configuration of the PostFinance account.


Visit the URL with your web browser (as long as your instance is still running in test mode), otherwise use the URL Enter your PSPID and your password, then click on "Submit". After the login has been successfully completed, navigate to "Configuration > Technical information".

Data and Origin Verification

Navigate to "Data and origin verification". The value for "URL of the merchant page" has to be left empty.
Enter the value for "SHA-IN pass phrase" which you defined in the Payrexx administration under "Payment providers > PostFinance PSP > Configure > Sandbox account settings" in the field "SHA-IN signature".
Please note that the SHA-IN pass phrase can be choosen freely. To encrypt the phrase into a SHA-1 signature you can use this website for example:
The same applies to the SHA-OUT pass phrase.
Then click on the button "Save".

Global Transaction Parameters

Navigate to "Global transaction parameters" and ensure that the "Default operation code" is set on "Sale", the "Default data capture (payment) procedure" is set to "Data capture by the merchant (manual or automatic)" and in the section "Processing for individual transactions" the option "Always online (Immediate)" is selected. Then click on the button "Save".

Global Security Parameters

Navigate to "Global security parameters" and select the options "Each parameter", "SHA-1" and "Use the character encoding expected with the initial transaction request". Then click "Save".

Payment Page

Navigate to "Payment page" and check if the following values are empty. Please note that these values need to be deactivated / left empty. Click "Save".


Navigate to "Transaction feedback" [1]. Enter the values for the fields "AcceptURL" [2], "DeclineURL" [3], "ExceptionURL" [4] and "CancelURL" [5] in the section "HTTP redirection in the browser" which can be seen on the picture. Replace the word "NAME" again with your installation’s subdomain. Ensure that the checkboxes [6] and [7] have been checked. (If you are using Payrexx UK, make sure that the checkbox [7] is not checked.)
Select the options "Always online" [1] for "Timing of the request" and "POST" [4] for the "Request method". Then type in the values: and for the "Payment status" fields [2] and [3].
As the next step enable under "Dynamic Ecommerce Parameters" COMPLUS & ORDERID, otherwise the server-to-server feedback will not work.
Next, under "All transaction transfer modes" in the "SHA-OUT signature" field, insert the value that you have stored in the PayLink backend under "Home > Settings > Payment provider > PostFinance" in the "SHA-OUT signature" field. The value for the "SHA-OUT signature" can be freely selected, but must correspond to a SHA-1 signature. Then select the option "For each offline status change" under "HTTP request for status changes". Also note that under "URL to which the merchant wants a deferred HTTP request in case of an offline change of a transaction status." you have entered the following value Then click on "Save".

Transaction E-Mails

Navigate to "Transaction e-mails" and enter your e-mail address in the field "E-mails address(es) for transaction-related e-mails". Then click on the button "Save".


At the end, go to "Configure > Template". Select "Yes" for "Allow use of dynamic template" and type in the value shown in the image for the field "Host name of trusted website as host of dynamic template". Please note that "instance" must be replaced by your instance name (name of your account) under which you registered. Then click on the "Save" button.

Masterpass Configuration

To configure the Masterpass Full-Checkout you need your DirectLink Product from Postfinance. For more information about creating a DirectLink visit the section PostFinance Alias Gateway.
  • Please sign in with your Postfinance login on their website.
  • Go to "Configuration > Technical information > Transaction feedback":
  • Under "Directlink" move the parameter "REDIRECTIONURL" and all "ECOM_" parameters to the right side: