Available Payment Methods

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  • American Express
  • Postfinance Card
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    Postfinance E-Finance

Payment Types

  • ✅ One Time Payment
  • ✅ Refund
  • ✅ Partialrefund
  • ✅ Recurring Payments (Subscription)
  • ✅ Tokenization
  • ✅ Preauthorization
PostFinance PSP is no longer available for new customers.


  • Apply for a PostFinance e-Payment account (to do so, navigate to "Settings - Payment providers > PostFinance Alias Gateway" in your Payrexx backend.
  • PostFinance will send to you an E-Mail with your access data. Enter this data into the input boxes using the test mode in your Payrexx backend. Also, select the corresponding e-Payment package and the currencies which should be activated. Click "Save".
  • Follow the simple instructions down below to do the configuration of the PostFinance account.
  • Activate the PostFinance payment methods in the Payrexx backend.
  • Test the payment procedure in the front end.
  • Request PostFinance to activate productive operation. To do so, send an including your PSPID to PostFinance at [email protected]
  • After receiving confirmation of the productive operation switch to the "Productive mode" in Payrexx back end and check the login data in the input boxes below (the data for productive operation will normally be identical to the data for the test account). Save your settings.
  • The Payrexx solution is ready for use.
  • For more information about payment service provider PostFinance Switzerland visit

Configuration of the PostFinance Account

Basic Configuration

Please, proceed with the initial configuration of the Postfinance account by following this manual: Postfinance Registration and Integration Manual into Payrexx

Add Options

In order to use Alias Gateway, the feature "DirectLink" has to be purchased from PostFinance. After the confirmation of the "DirectLink" activation, you can proceed to "Configuration > Users > New User" and add an API user by ticking the checkbox "Special user for API".
The login data of this user must be inserted into the Payrexx account.
Navigate in the backoffice of PostFinance to "Configuration > Technical information > Data and origin verification". Leave the IP address field [1] empty. At the field, SHA-IN pass phrase [2] in the section "Checks for PostFinance DirectLink", insert the SHA-IN signature for Directlink [3]. You can find it in your Payrexx backend at "Settings > Payment providers > PostFinance Alias Gateway".