Online Form Creation (aforms2web)

AFORMSOLUTION (AFS) is used to easily create and efficiently manage online data collection dialogs (forms). AFS forms are responsive and available for PCs, mobile devices or as print forms. The WebAdmin (AFS form designer) enables the creation and administration, the AFS form server the presentation of forms.
AFS forms are created from basic components such as fields, blocks, validations, dynamics and logic modules. Many ready-made blocks are available, which can be extended individually.


  • AFS forms are certified barrier-free according to WCAG 2.0 in the level AA (Access for all) correspond to the style guide for online forms 3.0 and fulfil essential Swiss eCH eGovernment standards.
  • AFS supports various country and canton-specific signature and identification technologies.
  • Large form collections can be uniformly structured and implemented cost-effectively.
  • The AFS modular principle leads to a maintenance-friendly and thus future-proof form stock.
Feel free to contact aforms2web for further information about their services.