Do you want to integrate a payment option on your website without needing to create a whole shop system? Simply integrate the Terminal of Payrexx into your website. You decide if it will show up as a pop-up window or in a new browser tab. Your customer gets to the Terminal with only one click, chooses his preferred payment method and completes the payment.
Currencies: If you did not define a currency in the URL, then the currencies activated at the payment providers, which are visible in the Terminal, will be selected. The default currency is the one you have selected as your Payrexx default currency (you can define this at "Settings > General settings" in your Payrexx backend).
The Terminal can be adjusted at will:
You can take a look at the frontend of the Terminal through this link:


You can pass optional parameters (e.g. the amount, the currency etc.) in the URL of the Terminal.
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