With Payrexx Paylink, you can create a URL that directs your customers to an individual payment page. There, the customer can select the preferred payment method and complete the transaction. Fast, simple and above all secure.
Log in to your Payrexx account and go to "Paylink". Then click on the button "Create".
In the predefined mask you can adjust the settings regarding the purpose, the presentation, the recipient and the sending options. If you wish, you can also personalize the Paylink by inserting already known merchant data before sending. By default, the standard look & feel is selected.
When creating the link, you have the option to send it automatically after the creation. You will find this setting as "send as Email".
Per default, this option is activated. You can enter the subject and a message (optional). Furthermore, you do have the possibility to send a test e-mail first. As soon as you are satisfied with your Paylink, you can click on "Create". The Paylink will be created and sent to the e-mail address entered above.

Customer's Point of View

The link leads to a payment form. The entry fields are already filled if you have already done this when creating the Paylink, otherwise the fields are empty as in this example. The email address is already inserted because the option send as email was selected.


Here you can find available parameters:

Application example

For example, the URL https://(Business-name) causes, the fields "name", "amount" and "currency" to keep default values "987654321", "450.00" and "CHF".