Pages Subscriptions


In order to receive subscriptions, you must fulfill various important conditions. To do this, use the following article:


A store can have only one payment method at a time. Mixed stores for subscriptions and one-time payable products are unfortunately not possible.
  • Click on «Pages -> Overview» under Tools to get to your Pages stores.
  • Click «Create» to create a new shop, or «Edit» to edit an existing store.
  • Click on the tab «Payment information».
  • For «Payment type» select «Subscription».
If the «Subscription» payment method is not selectable, you do not have a payment provider active that supports this payment method. Visit our article Function matrix to check which payment providers offer which functions.
  • Under «Subscription settings» define the billing period, the subscription duration (term) and the cancellation period.
  • If necessary, make further settings, such as «Currency», «Minimum amount» and «Shipping costs».
  • Save settings of the subscription shop.
Your store with subscription function has been successfully created.
Without cancellation, the subscription renews for the specified subscription period. Customers can manage their subscription via a login on the Pages store page.