Creating a Product

Navigate to "Pages > Products" in your Payrexx backend and choose "Add":
Fill in all the needed information about your product and save it. Your product is ready!
Click "View" in order to see a preview of your product:
Navigate to "Pages -> Overview".
Choose the Payment page you want to add your product to by clicking on the "pencil" icon when hovering the corresponding payment page:
Proceed to "Products" and choose "Search and add product". Add the product(s) that you want to implement into your one-page shop. Click "Save" to finish.
If you have followed all these steps, the product(s) should have been successfully added to Pages

Customer Data

You can decide by yourself what kind of information about your customers you would like to collect and if this information is mandatory in order to proceed with the payment.
If you go to "Pages -> Overview -> Edit -> Form fields", you have the option of setting which information you require from your customer. It is up to you to decide what information the customer has to enter.
On the right side [1] you can tick the boxes to define which inputs fields appear in the frontend. A little further down you can open more options to add. When hovering over such an entry field in the middle, you can tick the box at the right side [2] which marks the field as mandatory. Do not forget to save your changes at the end by clicking on "Save" in the bottom right corner.


Payrexx allows to create a sales page and use the backend office in 9 languages being logged into the same account. Therefore, your customer will be able to view Pages in 9 languages.
Navigate to "Settings > General settings > enable multilingual frontend".
By clicking on a deactivated language you change its status to activated.
Your customers are able to change the Page to the desired language in the right-upper corner.
If you change the language in the administration section, it automatically adapts the chosen language in your backend system.

Video Tutorial on How to Create a Pages Store

Video Tutorial on How to Create a Product