Step by Step Manual to create invoice
    Open the Tool "Invoices" in the main navigation on the left side.
    Choose “Create invoice” in the right upper corner.
    Structure your invoices as you like. For that, you can choose between the following positions:
    Name of Recipient
    Insert the name of the recipient and his address.
    Due Date
    Right on top, you can define the due date of the invoice.
    Period of Service
    Just below the due date, you can enter the period of the service - you can also use this field for an indication of the delivery date.
    Title of the Product
    Below "invoice positions", you can enter the name of the ordered product. If you want to add more than one product to the bill, click on the “add invoice position”-button underneath.
    Price and Discount of Products
    Next to the title of the product, you can add the product price.
    If needed, you can add a discount (shown in percent) in the same row. This discount only counts for the chosen product. To grant a discount to the whole order, add a discount underneath the subtotal (see following image).
Product Description (optional)
Under the product title, you can add a short product description.
Shipping Costs
Under the subtotal and “add discount”, it’s possible to add any shipping costs.
Value-added tax
If you have a specific VAT rate for your products, you must activate them first. Go to your Payrexx Dashboard. There you can select “settings” on the bottom left, then click “general settings”. Under “Preferences”, scroll down until you reach Get "taxes". Under the general settings, you can now, by clicking on the bar under Tax, activate the VAT. There you can incidentally, set different VAT rates yourself.
Now you can set an individual VAT rate for each of your bills and products. You will find the column behind the discount details for each product.
Remarks (optional)
Leave a message for your customer/invoice recipient.
Terms of Use (optional)
If needed, you can note the applicable terms of use of the order.
Bank Connections
Here, you can add your bank connections. If you don’t, the customer will be able to pay the invoice online by scanning the QR Code which gets generated automatically out of the deposited bank connections. You’ll be able to see such a QR Code at the end of the manual.
Look & Feel Profil
Define how your invoice should look like. It’s possible to add your own trademark.
    If you are finished adding everything you need, you can click "Preview" and see your newly created invoice.
    Following an example inclusive the QR Code (the little picture illustrates the added trademark).
    To save the invoice, click the white button "Save" in the upper right corner.
    If everything is done and the invoice is ready to send, click once again on "Preview" and next on "finish".
    A new window opens. Here you can choose or change the email address of the recipient, before sending the invoice. To finally send the invoice, click the green button "Finish" .
Extra: How does the invoice look like for your customer?
If your customer opens the e-mail, the mail looks like the following example:
If your customer chooses "Pay invoice online", the invoice looks like the following example and he can pay safely, easily and fast.
He is also able to view and save the PDF file in the attachment of the mail.
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