With Payrexx Donation you can collect donations without much effort. You can integrate donation pages into your own website without programming knowledge or call them up directly on Payrexx without a website.
You can link to campaigns in e-mails, print media or directly on-site and so generate more donations.
Examples of donation sites:

Here Is How It Works

Create your first campaign under "Tools > Donation".
Title and Description: Give your campaign a title and an optional description.
You will be able to change the description later on to hide it when embedding it on your own website. If you want you can also use pictures or other elements.

One-Time or Regular Donations

Donation Interval: Choose which payment options your donors have.
Important: For recurring donations, you must have activated an appropriate payment provider that supports subscription payments.


Donations are reported in their standard currency. If you want to collect donations in multiple currencies, all your payment providers must support these currencies.

Proposed Amounts

Make it easy for the donor and suggest different amounts to choose from.
There are two options:
1. Simple Amount Proposals
2. Proposed Amounts with a Description
For example, indicate what the amount can be used for.
For both variants, you can optionally add a free amount field.

Donation Purpose

If you want to use the donation for different purposes, you can indicate these here. The donor will then be asked to select a purpose. You can also offer the donor the possibility to indicate a purpose.

Contact Details

If you need information from customers, you can request it here. Click on an element in the right column to add it. You can move all fields by drag & drop.
When you add headings, a new bullet point with numbering is added to your page.
Important: For regular donations the e-mail field is necessary. This is the only way the donor can change his own donation at a later date.


If you have created a colour profile under Settings > Look & Feel you can select it here. You can create different profiles for different campaigns.

Extended Payment Settings

If you do not want to provide all payment providers for this campaign, you can limit the selection here.
Important: If you provide regular donations, only payment providers that offer regular donations can be selected. Payment providers such as PayPal or TWINT can only be selected if no regular donations are collected in the campaign.

E-mail after a Successful donation

You can customize the contents of the e-mail entirely and in multiple languages (you can enable multiple languages in your backend under "Settings > General Settings"). Only the text [DONATION_DETAILS] (replaced with the donation information) is required. e-mails use the selected color profile.
Important: If you are pasting text from Microsoft Word or another writing program, make sure to remove the formatting afterwards.
If your customised message does not look satisfactory, you can always restore the original message by clicking 'Reset message'.

Your Donation Page Is Ready

Save your campaign. You can instantly view your donation page, share it with others and embed it into your website.