Plan & Billing

Under Plan & Billing you can change your current plan and check the status of your plan. Here you can also download your invoices, by clicking on the pdf icon.
More information about Payrexx plans & prices can be found in the price overview:
Plans are billed annually. Monthly payments as well as installment payments are not possible.

Payrexx Plan

Current plan

Here you can find general information about your current plan. You can also use the slider to decide whether your plan should be automatically renewed after expiration:

Trial Plan

With the free trial plan, you can receive payments and test all Payrexx functions for 30 days.
To create a test account, please click the button below:
If you need more time to fully test Payrexx, please let us know in a new support ticket.

Expired Plan

Upon cancellation or expiration of your plan, you will fall into the »Expired« plan. No live payments are possible in this plan.

Change plan

By clicking on »Change plan« you can upgrade your plan and benefit from better conditions and more features. It is also possible to downgrade for lower annual costs.


An upgrade is possible at any time. An upgrade is a change to a more expensive option with more features and lower transaction fees.
Upgrade examples:
  • Old: Trial (30 Days); New: Plus Plan (1 Year)
  • Old: Plus (1 Year); New: Pro Plan (1 Year)
If you upgrade, the difference in the old plan will be deducted from the new plan on a pro-rata basis.


A downgrade is a change to a lower cost option. A downgrade is only possible after your existing plan expires.
Examples Downgrade:
  • Old: Pro Plan (1 Year); New: Plus Plan (1 Year)
  • Old: Plus Plan (3 Years); New: Pro Plan (1 Year)

Invoice & Payment

After completion or renewal of your plan, you will receive the invoice by mail. Pay easily and quickly by credit card or bank transfer.
Please always indicate the invoice number as the purpose of payment. The correct allocation of your payment is thus simplified.
Important: Unpaid invoices will be forwarded to the collection partner and may lead to account suspension.


Information on notice periods can be found in the following link: