Multilingual Frontend

Create a multilingual front-end for global customers.
Payrexx allows you to display your views and descriptions in multiple languages. This article will help you set up a multilingual frontend.


  • In your dashboard, navigate to Settings > General > Languages.
  • Under Languages, select "Enable multilingual frontend".
The following instructions refer to the setup of multilingual frontend for the Pages tool. The setup for other tools like Paylink and Donation works the same way.
  • After that, click on your desired tool, which you want in multilingual frontend.
  • Select the overview and click "Edit".
  • Navigate to "Title and description" and select "multilingual".
  • Fill in your translations for "Page title" and "Description".
If your desired language is not visible, you have to add it under "Settings > General > Languages".
  • Test your result by clicking on "View".
You have successfully customized your frontend.