Google Analytics

Connect Google Analytics with Payrexx using a tracking ID. This helps you analyze the traffic on your payment pages and gain valuable information from your customer's purchasing behavior.
Payrexx transmits transaction ID, total amount and currency. No other data is shared.

Set up the Google Analytics 4 Property

Step 1: Create the GA4 property

Step 2: Configure the data collection

  • Go to the Data Streams page, and choose the platform your website is based on.
  • Enter your website URL, Stream name, etc.
  • After creating the Data Stream, you receive the MEASUREMENT ID.

Step 3: Create a tag for GA4 Configuration

    • If you don't have an account, create a new account with a new container.
  • Navigate to Tags page to create a tag for GA4.
  • You should select Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration for Tag Type in the Tag Configuration section. Fill out the MEASUREMENT ID with the ID from the created Data Stream in GA.
  • In the triggering section, you should select All Pages.

Step 4: Create a tag for E-commerce Events.

In Tag Configuration section:
  • Tag Type should be Google Analytics: GA4 Event.
  • Configuration Tag is the GA4 Configuration created before.
  • Event Name: you could name the event or use the Event variable that will automatically pass the type of e-commerce action to the event tag.
  • The iFrame integration allows you to display a Payrexx tool on your website. If you want to use it this way, you still need to specify the field name and value under Event Parameters. Example: Field name: cookie_flags, value: samesite=none;secure
  • In More Settings, you should check the Send E-commerce data.

In the Triggering section:

  • Select the existing Triggers or create new one by clicking the plus sign in the top right corner.
  • On Create trigger page, select Custom Event for Trigger Type, enter the event name that you want to use or enter all recommended e-commerce events provided by Google (add_to_cart, remove_from_cart, …), separate them by a ‘pipe’ and don’t forget to enable Use regex matching option.

Step 5: Set Google Tag Manager ID

  • Go to Merchant Backend settings, and select General Settings.
  • In the Analytics section, set the Google Tag Manager ID.

Tracking Options

There are two ways of tracking. Website and checkout tracking.
Website Tracking: Every time your customers visit, a Google Analytics event is triggered.
Checkout Tracking: The data transfer takes place only in case of successful payment, after the buyer has returned to the results page.


  • On the Google Tag Manager page, select the Preview button in the top right corner.
  • A new tab will be opened, you could enter your website URL and click Connect.
  • Data sent:
  • You also can see the events sent on DebugView of the Google Analytics page.