Custom Domain

What is a custom domain and how to set it up
Please note that the Custom Domain feature is only available in the Pro plan.
If you have your own domain, you can also use a subdomain of it for your payment page at Payrexx. A custom domain is a unique brand label. In addition, your customers always stay on the same main domain and the payment process looks more fluid and familiar.
Example: Shop Domain: Payrexx payment page:


You can find the item for setting up the custom domain under Settings > General > Domain.
settings custom domain
Now press the "Edit" button (pencil icon) and enter your domain address in the field that opens.
address input
After entering the domain, you will see the following message:
setting instructions
Please follow the step-by-step instructions (picture above) to verify your domain. If you are unsure, please contact your domain provider / hosting partner. Once this configuration has been confirmed, you can start using your custom domain.
Instead of, your payment page will then have the domain name you selected.