General Settings

General settings for your Payrexx instance
Page title
This information appears as a title in the browser window. You can enter the title of the store in combination with the name of your company, club or organization, for example.
Service Status
In the deactivate state, all areas of your Payrexx account are disabled for your customers. This is useful, for example, as long as you are under construction.
Default Currency
Default currency for all your payments.


Amounts are inclusive of VAT
The default VAT rate is always used if no other rate is set.



Under Frontend Languages, you decide which translation options you want to offer your customers. Your customers will have the previously configured translation options available in your payment channels/tools.
Your customers will have the option to translate on all pages. Emails are also translated. In emails, the language that your customers used during payment is selected.
Here you can find a description of how to set up a multilingual frontend:


Website Tracking: A Google Analytics event is triggered every time you visit your website.
Checkout Tracking: The data transfer will take place only in case of successful payment. This after the buyer has returned to the results page.
For more information on Google Analytics or Facebook/ Meta Pixel, please visit the following articles: