Important! Only credit balances of transactions that were carried out with the payment provider Payrexx Direct or Payrexx Swiss Collecting are displayed. Transactions through other payment providers are paid out by the external payment provider and are not visible in Payrexx under »Payouts«.

Current Balance


Credit displayed under »Available« will be paid out at the next payout date. Basically, payouts are always triggered at the end of the month.

Available soon

Under »Soon available« you will see your balance, which is not older than eight days and therefore will not be included in the next payout.


Here you can see your already paid out amounts.
Hover the mouse cursor over a payout, you can open details about the payout or download an export.


For all payout intervals, your transactions will not be paid out until at least 8 full days have passed since they were received.
Overview 8-Day-Rule

Payout Interval / Payout Period

There are three accounting periods:
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
Important: In the first three months, you will receive your money at the end of each month for security reasons. In addition, you must expect around three bank delay days for all billing periods.
By default, all customers have monthly billing. If, for example, you would like daily or weekly billing due to cash flow or subscription-based business model, please feel free to contact us. We will customize the payout interval for you after review.

Payout from external payment providers

Third-party payouts are made by the third-party providers used. If you have questions about third-party payouts, please contact their support directly.
Payouts for third-party providers cannot currently be mapped in Payrexx.


Under the following article, you will find settings that you can make for your withdrawals: