Here you can find all your transactions.
Under transactions, you can find your transaction history.

Status Transaction

Next to each transaction, you can see the corresponding status. An overview of all possible statuses and their description can be found here:
If it is a test payment, it will be displayed as
under the description. You can find more information about testing payments here:


Click on the transaction to find more information.
Example transaction
View of the selected transaction


Payments via Payrexx Direct and Payrexx Swiss Collecting can be refunded using the »Refund« button.
If the »Refund« button is not visible, this transaction cannot be refunded via Payrexx and must be refunded to your customers via an alternative method.
For more information on refunds and partial refunds, see the following article:


By clicking on »Run Webhook« you can run your installed webhook again manually.
You can find more information about Webhooks here:

Export Transactions

To learn more about transaction export, please click on the following link: