Payment Provider

Configure your active payment providers or set up an external payment provider.


Payment service providers are companies that handle the connection of online payment methods for online stores.
Click Payment Providers in your instance to open your payment provider settings.
Here you can find your active payment providers under »Current Payment Providers« and add external payment providers under »New Payment Providers«.
When you click on "configure", you can configure the appropriate payment provider and customize your desired payment methods. More about this in the following link:
For information on our payment providers Payrexx Direct & Swiss Collecting, external and manual payment methods, please see the links below:


Some payment providers can be switched to »Test« mode during configuration.
You can find more information about testing payment providers in the following link:


Payrexx Direct and Swiss Collecting payments are paid out by Payrexx itself.
Transactions from external payment providers are paid out by the external payment provider.
You can find more information about payouts here: