API & Integration

Integrate your e-commerce system with Payrexx or use the API.
Under API & Integrations, you can find your API key to integrate e-commerce systems.


By means of an API integration, the Payrexx API can be used.
This offers various connections to your Payrexx account. With the API it is possible to read out transactions, create a new checkout or manage your look and feel profiles and much more.
To access the API, an API Key and your account name is required.
See the Payrexx API documentation for more information on all endpoints:
The developer documentation additionally helps you deal with these endpoints and contains important information for developers:


Payrexx offers integrations in various third-party systems. These can be easily set up here.
The setup includes the creation of an individual API key, usually a hidden webhook, to communicate with the third party system and all information you need for further integration.
For information on integrating e-commerce systems, content management system (CMS) or enterprise software, see the following articles: