Viacash / Barzahlen


"Viacash" is the largest bank-independent payment infrastructure in Europe. 16.000 branches in the DACH region and Italy are available to customers for processing their basic banking needs.
By scanning a barcode, various financial services can be processed directly at the cash desk. These include, for example, withdrawing or depositing cash via smartphone. In online retailing, "viacash" offers the option of paying bills conveniently in everyday life.


Payment Types

  • ✅ One Time Payment
  • ✅ Refund
  • ✅ Partial Refund
  • ❌ Recurring Payments (Subscription)
  • ❌ Preauthorization
  • ❌ Tokenization

Country availability

To find out if the desired payment provider is available in your country, please follow the link below:


Make sure you log in to Payrexx before you start - Login

Configuration - Barzahlen/Viacash

You can open your viacash account at to start the integration.

Add a Division

Navigate to "Settings > Divisions" in your viacash account and click on "Add new division".

Enter the Required Information

  • Under "Division Title" you can enter your company name
  • At Division-URL you insert the link to your website
  • Copy the following URL and paste it under Notification URL and Sandbox notification URL
Then click on "Save".

Konfiguration - Payrexx

Copy the Division ID and API key from your viacash account and paste them into your Payrexx account.
To do this, in your Payrexx account navigate to "Payment provider > viacash > Connection settings". At "Division ID" insert the Division ID and at "Payment Key" insert the API key.

Add Your Bank Account

Next, edit Division again and enter your desired bank account under "Settings > Bank accounts > Add new bank account".
The Last Step to Be Successfully Adopted
Finally, you have to identify yourself by means of the Yellow Identification at any Swiss Post branch. You can identify yourself free of charge using the coupon on the support page. After successful identification, viacash can be switched live immediately.
You will find the Yellow Identification form at the very end of these instructions.

Payrexx Is Successfully Connected and Ready

Test Viacash before going Live

Configure the sandbox mode in the Payrexx account to test the process. To do this, select the "Sandbox" mode for the payment provider viacash. In your viacash account, you can simulate actions such as process and payment by clicking on the various actions under "Transactions > Sandbox transactions" (on the right under "Actions").
Once you finished testing the process, change the mode in your Payrexx account from "Sandbox" to "Productive" and complete a cooperation agreement with viacash.
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