QR Pay
With QR Pay you can easily generate QR codes that your customers can scan and pay with. The created QR codes will redirect your customers to the Payrexx Terminal. The QR Pay interface provides different settings like the currency, the amount and the amount type to pre-configure the Payrexx Terminal.

Generate QR Codes

In order to generate a new QR Code just enter the required information (title, currency, price and the amount type) and click on "Generate QR code".
A QR Code and a poster in the PDF A4 form will be generated. By clicking on the "Download" button the QR Code and the poster can be downloaded in the desired format.

What Are the Different Amount Types For?

Currently, there are three types available:
    Fixed amount
    Minimum amount
    Open amount

Fixed Amount

The fixed amount will lock the amount field, in order to prevent the customer from changing the requested amount.
Usage Examples: Selling products at a fixed price like entrance fees.

Minimum Amount

This option enforces the set minimum amount, meanwhile enabling the customer to increase the amount if desired.
Usage Examples: Donations, payment or tips in restaurants and bars

Open Amount

Enables the customer to choose the payment amount freely.
Usage examples: Donations

What Is the QR Poster Good For?

The QR Poster can be printed out. The poster contains clear and easy instructions, on how the payment can be carried out.

How Do the Settings in the Payrexx Terminal Affect QR Pay?

QR Pay provides a way of generating QR Codes that lead to the Payrexx Terminal. That means all settings changed in the Terminal Tool will directly affect the QR Pay Tool.
Directly affected options are:
    Available currencies
    Available payment methods
    Required/Available input fields for the paying person
    Look and feel profile in the payment process
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