Setting transaction fees for merchants

In the product settings, the transaction fees can be set by you.

Earning money with transaction fees - Example

  • Your buy rate (set by Payrexx) = 1.7% + 0.20 EUR (per transaction for Visa and Mastercard)

  • Merchant price (final transaction fee, set by you) = 2.2% + 0.30 EUR

  • Your share = 0.50% + 0.10 EUR per transaction

*The merchant pricing can be set within the product settings under the relevant fields (shown in the picture below)

Credit Cards

  • Visa, Mastercard and the wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay have different prices depending on the region from which the end customer's card originates.

  • There are: Domestic (CH cards), Intra (EU cards) and Inter (non-European cards).

  • Please note that Inter transaction fees have a higher fee than the others, make sure that you set a pricing which is higher than your buy rate for inter payments.

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