Set Up Stripe Connect Application


Make sure, that your Stripe account is fully verified by Stripe.

Set Up Connect Application

    Open the Stripe Dashboard on
    Navigate to "Settings > Connect > Settings"
    Configure the Branding to match your CI/CD.
    In the section "Integration" - Copy the "Live mode client ID" [1] and provide it to Payrexx - In the section "Redirects", click "Add URI" [2] and enter the URI https://dispatcher.YOUR-PLATFORM-DOMAIN/stripe/ [3] where YOUR-PLATFORM-DOMAIN is the URL of your platform account at Payrexx. - Make sure that OAuth flows are activated
    Click on "View test data" [1] and provide the "Test mode client ID" [2] to Payrexx.
    Make sure to activate OAuth flow in Test mode and to add the URI in the "Redirects" section as well.

Set Up API Keys

API keys are necessary in order for the application to communicate with Stripe on behalf of your Stripe account.
    Navigate to "Developers > API keys" [1] and - Copy the "Publishable key" [2] and provide it to Payrexx - Click on "Reveal live key token" [3] and copy the revealed token and provide it to Payrexx (if there is no secret key, generate one by clicking the button "Create secret key".
    Click on "View test data" [1] and provide the "Publishable key" [2] to Payrexx. Click on "Reveal test key token" [3] and provide it to Payrexx.

Set Up Webhooks

Webhooks are necessary for payments to become completed through asynchronous notifications.
    Navigate to "Developers > Webhooks" [1] and click on "Add endpoint" [2]
    Configure the new webhook endpoint - Enter the field "Endpoint URL" [1] with https://dispatcher.YOUR-PLATFORM-DOMAIN/stripe/webhook.php where YOUR-PLATFORM-DOMAIN is the URL of your platform account at Payrexx. - Add "Events to send" [2] by searching them in the dropdown "Select events".
    The following events need to be added: charge.refund.updated charge.succeeded charge.refunded charge.failed order.payment_failed invoice.payment_failed invoice.payment_succeeded invoice.created customer.subscription.deleted
    Click on the newly created webhook and click on "Click to reveal" [1] in order to reveal the signing secret. Provide this signing secret to Payrexx.

Provide the Collected Information to Payrexx

Provide the following information to Payrexx in order to connect your Stripe connect application with the Payrexx platform.
    Live mode client ID
    Test mode client ID
    Live API Publishable Key
    Live API Secret Key
    Test API Publishable Key
    Test API Secret Key
    Webhook Signing Secret
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