Subscription Creation - Option 1

Under "Subscriptions", you can see all billed subscriptions. It is also possible to create subscriptions from here and assign it to a merchant account.

Note: You can define and customize your own subscription plans in your backoffice under "Products".


Here you see if the subscription was paid by the merchant. You have the option to put the status to “Paid” yourself too - if the merchant pays the bill through wire transfer, for example.


This part shows the subscription the merchant has chosen when creating the account or at a later stage.

Add subscription (button)

The button allows you to add a specific subscription directly to a merchant.


When hovering over the three dots, more icons with additional functionalities show up.

Subscriptions Creation - Option 2

Under "Merchants", you will find another main function of Payrexx. Here you can create subscriptions and assign them to individual merchants.

Step 1

Press a little under "Product", but not on the product name.

Step 2

Now you see the company details and the current subscription the merchant is using. By clicking "Change subscription" you can create a new one.

Options When Creating a New Subscription

You can adjust the following settings of your subscription to fit your need perfectly:

  • The name

  • The duration

  • The currency

  • The price

  • Optional discounts

  • The start of the subscription after assigning/choosing it

  • The terms

If the checkbox "Send invoice" is set, an invoice is automatically sent to the merchant.

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