There are two different ways to use subscriptions.

  • Payrexx managed recurring payments

  • Self managed using a tokenization

Not all payment provider support subscriptions & tokenizations. Visit our PSP Feature article to find a suitable payment provider.

Payrexx Managed

We will debit your customer's payment mean based on your details.

Gateway Creation

Payrexx managed subscriptions can easily be implemented using the Gateway. Use the following parameters to perform a subscription via the gateway

  • subscriptionState: Set to true for subscriptions

  • subscriptionInterval: Payment interval

  • subscriptionPeriod: Duration of the subscription

  • subscriptionCancellationInterval: Cancellation possibility for your customer

Build Your Gateway

If youn choose Payrexx managed subscriptions, you will receive a subscription Webhook instead of a transaction Webhook.

Self Managed

With this type of subscription, you are responsible for the individual charges of the subscription. Tokenization is the toolbox that helps you to do this.

Setup Tokenization

Use the instructions from the Tokenization documentation for the setup.



Once you have an authorized Transaction you can make charges using this tokenization.

Example Subscription Interval: 1 month Subscription preiod: 1 year

Make a charge every month for one year. You can find out how charges work in the tokenization documentation.

You must implement the logic for cancellations, renewals etc. This allows you unlimited customisability!

Tokenization charges may fail due to different reasons. Make sure to handle this case in your code!

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