Accept Payment

To accept payments, the Payment Gateway through the Payrexx API is the most customizable integration option.


Before you start developing you need a few things...

  • Payrexx account: Signup here

  • A fully set up payment provider which fits your needs: PSP Features

  • API credentials: Find them in your Payrexx account under API & Integration


Process - Gateway

The following diagram shows the payment process.


First you have to choose one of the available payment types. This will be needed once you start building your Gateway

Payment Types

If you want to make one-time payments, you can skip this step. Because one-time is the default type.

Start Building

Finally! You can now start developing.

Detailed process description from the Gateway creation until after payment completion:

Build Your Gateway

Next Steps

Receive Transaction Data - Webhook

All about the Payrexx Webhook:


Shape and content of your transaction or subscription Webhook:


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