Payouts are made by the payment provider used. The credit is transferred directly to the bank account provided. When and how often payments are made varies from provider to provider and your agreement.

Payrexx Direct

Add Withdrawal Bankaccount

You can define the bank account directly when setting up Payrexx Direct. If you want to adjust it later, you can do so in the settings under "Payout".
After the first three months (with transactions) the payout interval can be adjusted. Please contact our support for this.

Payout Interval

By default, the money is paid out monthly. A payout includes all payments that were made eight days before the payout was initialised.

Payout Currencies

Payouts are possible in CHF and EUR. Transactions in other currencies are converted into CHF or EUR.

Payout Overview

You can find all Payrexx Direct payouts and further information in your account under "Payouts".

More about Payrexx Direct payout

External Payment Providers

Settlements are made by the third-party payment provider used. If you have any questions regarding payouts by third-party payment providers, please contact their support.