Note: The following information applies to the payment provider Payrexx Direct. For all other adapters, Payrexx serves as payment service provider and is only responsible for the technical transaction.


A settlement consists of the process of transferring the funds you received from your merchant account to your bank account. Settlements can be paid out in CHF and EUR currencies.

Transaction Currencies

Transaction currencies are the currencies that you, as a merchant, offer your products/services in. Your customers pay for their orders in transaction currencies. With Payrexx, you can accept all the transaction currencies offered by Visa & Mastercard.
Reason To Setup Multiple Settlement Currencies
By having several settlement currencies, you can save conversion costs when offering your services in countries that use different currencies than your local one or a currency different from your settlement currency. Each settlement currency at Payrexx receives a separate merchant account.
Payout Schedule
We pay out the money from your merchant account to your bank account depending on the settlement period used. There are 3 settlement periods:
For all schedules, your transacations will not be paid out until at least 8 full days have passed since they were received.
Important: For security reasons, you will receive your money at the end of each month during the first three months. In addition, you need to expect around three days' bank delay for all settlement periods.
Changing the Payout Schedule
By default, all customers have monthly settlements. If you wish to have a daily or weekly settlement, for example, due to cash flow or a subscription-based business model, feel free to message us through our contact form. We are happy to help you choose the right settlement.
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