Google Analytics
Connect Google Analytics with Payrexx using a tracking ID to analyze the traffic on your payment pages.
Payrexx transmits transaction ID, total amount and currency. No other data is shared.


The connection currently works with the E-Commerce Integration from Google and uses the UA tracking ID. Therefore, it's important that the e-commerce setting in your Google Analytics account is turned on. Find this under Admin > Ecommerce Settings.
Your tracking code can be found in your Google Analytics account under Administration > Tracking Information > Tracking Code.
Copy and paste it into your Payrexx account under Settings > General Settings > Analytics in the field Google Analytics ID

Tracking Option

There are two options of tracking. Website and Checkout tracking.
Website Tracking: A Google Analytics event is triggered on every visit of your buyers
Checkout Tracking: Events are only triggered once a payment is made successfully and the buyer returns to the result page
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